Profiles for materials other than digital photo papers


Profiling canvas is a regular task for us.
As canvas material is too thick to pass through our auto spectrophotometer, every page is hand measured with one of our X-Rite i1 Pro2 spectros.
Please read our instructions regarding roll products when printing the targets on canvas as failure to allow sufficient clamping room around the top of the target causes us difficulties when measuring the targets.
Download our standard 3 page canvas target set here.

Dye Subs

We've had many years of experience profiling Dye-Sub printers.
As many Dye-Subs don't print standard A4 or letter sizes, they need special profiling targets for their particular page size. Our standard targets shouldn't be resized or edited to fit, so please email us what size prints your printer makes and we can supply a suitable set of targets.
It's also important to check that colour management can be turned off in the printer driver.


Most RIPs have their own profiling options built in, so we can't help profile those. However if you have a RIP that uses standard icc printer profiles and the colour management can be turned off we should be able to help make you a custom printer profile even if it requires a CMYK profile. Please email us for further details.